Sunday, 14 July 2013

Elf Haul - July

Almost 3 weeks ago, I made an order at E.L.F. cause they we’re have a deal where if you spent 20£ or 25£ (not so sure anymore) they would send you 25£/30€ worth in products from the ELF Loves selection. I knew it could be a hit or miss situation and that I most likely wouldn’t like part of the things they would send but still, there was stuff that I wanted to order anyway so I did.

Starting with the things I choose we’ve have one of their new BakedEyeshadow Palette in the shade California – 10£/11.62€
Because of the price I kinda of want to compare it with the SleekEyeshadow Palettes though I don’t think this ELF one is as pigmented. I’ve used one time so far and I feel like I kinda need to insist with the brush into the colour to get a good amount of product on the brush, although that might me a baked eyeshadow characteristic? I’m not sure cause these are the first baked ones I use. Still I find it a really good palette with a great range of neutral colours. You can totally make a simple day look or a night smoky and more over the top look with it, it can go either way. And I feel like even thought the majority of the colours are neutrals I don’t find them to be your ‘usual’ neutrals that you normally find in palettes and, of course, if you’re not a shimmery eye type of person, I wouldn’t really recommend it for you cause it’s obviously shimmery.
Going down to cheeks, I picked a Baked Blush in the shade Peachy Cheeky – 3.75£/4.36€
I don’t own too many blushes cause I’ve only tried to use them more recently I always thought that I looked too clownish when I used blush but with time and practice I’m getting there. This one I also only used it once so far and I find that it gives you more of a glow/shimmery look than a colour to your cheek, and that’s alright with me, cause sometimes that’s what I’m going for. I also want to point that in real life I think it looks much more of an orange colour than the rosy colour that it appears to be in the elf website.
I’ve also been wanting to experiment more with highlighters so I picked up this Shimmer with brush in the colour Gold – 2.50£/2.91€
I’ve tried this today and well, it does its job. I was afraid that it could look a bit to yellow on the skin but it doesn’t, it gives a nice light shimmer/glow to your cheeks, by far the best highlighter or the more long lasting one but for its value, it’s not bad.
One of things that I’ve been wanting to get from them for a while now was their Wet Gloss Lash & Brow Clear Mascara – 1.50£/1.74€ and I finally did cause every time I would go looking for it would be sold out. I was hoping that it wouldn’t  feel too waxy on the eyebrows and thankfully it doesn’t I go to work and spend most of the day with it on and I don’t feel it at all, so for such a bargain it’s an amazing find.
The other thing was their Mineral Infused Face Primer in Clear – 6.00£/6.97€. Looking at the formula I totally can compare it with the Sephora Smoothing Primer although this one might not hold your makeup in place for as long, but it’s that much of a diference, I consider it a dupe and looking at the prices of both of them, it’s a good alternative.

And lip wise, I got two Studio Matte Lip Colour, one Coral and the other one in Nearly Nude – 3.75£/4.36€.
 I thought they would be a bit more pigmented but I’m fine with it and it lasts a good amount of time on. I just think the it could have a formula that would be a bit more creamy for it to be easier to apply because it can be a bit stricky but it looks fine after you blend it in a bit with your finger plus, if you do that and then apply another coat, it helps to stay longer. Can be a bit drying but really, what matte products aren’t.
And then in a white ELF bag came the goodies they choose for me! Got to admit I was really excited but I didn’t like the things that much. Most of it I’ll probably end up asking my friends and my sister if they want any of it but still, it was free so it’s great that I got that many products.
-   Lotion wipes in the scent Vanilla and Coconut 3.75£/4.36€ - I was disappointed that these were just moisturizing wipes and not for taking your makeup off.
-  Shimmer sheets in Bronze 3.75£/4.36€ - I can’t find these anywhere, they just disappeared…maybe my cat hide them somewhere I don’t know but they would just be to dark for me anyway and I don’t know anyone that would have a skins colour where that would look probably look good.
-  Waterproof Eyeliner Pen in Coffee 1.50£/1.74€ - This is actually good, I was excited when I saw it then I saw the colour…but it’s a really dark brown so it’s not so bad.
-     Eyeshadow Duo in Berry Mix 1.50£/1.74€ - I’m confused my this I’m pretty sure that the shade I got isn’t this one but Butter Pecan, at least that’s what it looks like from the website although, both packging and product have the name Berry Mix…oh well.
-   Glitter Eyeshadow  in Nature Girl 2.50£/2.91€ - I don’t think a glittery grey is a very natural but ok.
Brightening Eye Colour in Silver Lining 1.50£/1.74€ - They have these in so many combination of colours, worth giving a look.
-       Shimmer Eyeliner Pencil in Grassy Green 1.50£/1.74€ - This colour is just not for me so I won’t use it.
-        Blush with brush in Glow 2.50£/2.91€ - I don’t really like the packaging but it has good pigmentation.
-         Luscious Liquid Lipstick in Nude Pink 1.50£/1.74€ - The only reason I don’t like is because it has a minty smell and taste and I hate that..
-   Super Glossy Lip Shine in Strawberry 1.50£/1.74€ - Has a strong strawberry smell but that’s not really a issue for me although I I’m not really a gloss type of gal so I probably won’t use it plus, something that you can’t see through the photos of the website is that it has golden glitter in it and I find that a bit tacky…
-   Mineral Moisturizing Lip Tint in Blush 3.50£/4.07€ - This is what I most liked from this whole bag, nice colour and good product. This I’ll use for sure.

And that is all! Most say, I already have another ELF order on its way but I’ll leave that not another time.

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